Why Rwanda


Rwanda is a landlocked country, situated in 121 km in the south of the equator. The East African country is well tuckedin the heart of Africa in the great lakes region. 


Rwanda has a modified humid climate majorly rainy forest and savannah. Temperature average range from 24-27º celcius. Which are suitable for touring the country throughout the year.


The Rwandan culture is made of Kinyarwanda language which is widely spoken in the country. The nationals share a range of traditional dances which vary according to their regions celebrations.


The Rwandan people are very friendly people and resilient despite their dark past of the genocide against the Tutsi that devastatedthe nation in 1994, claiming more than a million lives.


Today Rwanda is home to 10,776 accommodation rooms that are housed by International five star hotels in Kigali notably the Kigali Marriot Hotel, Kigali Serena Hotel and Radisson Blu Hotel.


The Gallup global law and order report of 2018 ranked Rwanda as the 2nd safest place in Africa, with 83% of residence showing confidence on local law enforcement.

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