Message of the CEO

Yasir Baffo, CEO Bravo Baffo

Meet The Founder


Allow me to take this occasion to express my gratitude for choosing Bravo Baffo as your travel partner. We are delighted to have set up a tourism company in Kigali and we are looking forward to be at your service in 2022 as most of you plan your trip.

First and foremost, our main objective as management is to be a friendly and reliable doorway of tourist in Rwanda, East Africa, Middle East, South East Asia and Pacific region. Tourism and hospitality takes a great deal of dedication, attention to details and values to which my team has well embodied to accommodate travelers from all walks of life. Thus we take much pleasure in attending to your needs with the best talent under our name for your satisfaction.
Rwanda is emerging as a vibrant tourism destination that travelers are considering checking out on both business and leisure, for those who have been here once can easily relate to this.

As a leader in the hospitality industry, I believe it takes the hands of passionate team players to endeavor and ensure client satisfaction through our chain of timely contributions on service delivery.
I would like to believe that indeed the covid-19 pandemic may have halted your travel plans in 2021 but with all safety protocol observed we are hopeful that it’s not too late to remark your calendar in 2022 and visit remarkable Rwanda, among other destinations in East Africa.

Our team continues to aspire in the delivery of quality service through staff training, assessing client needs and challenges, reviewing service effectiveness with the aim of going an extra mile just for you.
Every day my team shows up at work, we smile and strive at delivering excellence at all costs by simply knowing the fact that we are a reliable source and a convenient partener at your service whether at home or away. Welcome!

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